Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow turned to rain

It stopped snowing outside it got a lot a warmer and the light outside is much more friendly. I looked out of my window this morning and I got a feeling I didn't have for a long time. It was the  "What a nice weather i should spent some time out there-feeling" And it was amazing.

I'm wearing my all time favourite Zara jacket, my Görtz Boots, my River Island aztec leggings and a short white Gina Tricot top. I love this stuff. It's simple and I always feel comfy in it. It's something I put on when I'm in a hurry. Actually I like it the most when I am doing this.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Foggy wild love

Everything I wear is from River Island execept the tight and the overknees, I forgot where i got them. I love the River Island online store and I was so happy when my new clothes arrived yesterday! As it got dark outisde so fast and I didn't watch the pictures directly after taking them they are a little "foggy" (as I say) now. But I still love them because I feel a little foggy today.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bowie and Skulls

It is finally warm enough to wear my Zara leather jacket and so did I today. The skirt is a cute one by and I decided it isn't only a summer skirt. I cut a skull into my tights as they were already ripped. They are Falke and they've been really expensive. I recommand to do this to cheaper tights, actually :) The Bowie shirt is by H&M and it's a mens' shirt. But I love it so much.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Denim Christmas

Went to my grandmother's house to celebrate christmas again. My mom told me to wear something "appropriate" and gave a blue knee-long dress to me. But I just didn't feel like wearing it. So i got myself a dress which my mum was ok with, and simply paired it with my oversized denim jacked and my black boots. The Jacket is by Esprit but it's almost vintage as I got it ages ago. The black dress is a from H&M and underneath I'm wearing a Body by River Island. I forgot where I got the boots. Ear cuff and ring are from Bijou Brigitte. My uncle saw me wearing this and seemed a little confused. I bet they all would have loved me in the other dress (:

Hype on lookbook:

Sunday, December 16, 2012

American League

It's cold but skirts are still the most important clothes for me even in winter.  They are still perfect to wear with sweaters or just anything you like. 
The American League Vintage Shirt I got from Urban Outfitters goes so good with this lace River Island Blouse. And well, Overknees are always keeping me freaking warm as my legs are cold all the time. So.. That's like the perfect Outfit for me.

Good old vintage dress

I got ready for dinner and I found this vintage dress my mom gave to me. When I was much younger I always wanted to wear it, even if it was way to big. Today I feel wonderful in it. It hast this spirit of the past.

Old Clothes make me feel more adult and optimistic.
This classic look makes me forget all my problems and i really think this dress is amazing!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Summer fashion memories

As I got ready to go out tonight I was struggeling what to wear. I was searching in my closet and I hardly could find anything. Especially nothing that is warm enough (I just began to snow) 
I found some summer clothes and i remembered how much i loved to wear them. Vest and Leggins are from River Island and the shirt is by Gina Tricot. I love the details on the collar and I can't wait for summer to wear this stuff everyday! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Recent order review

The online store caught my attention some months ago, and it took me some time to decide if I would order something. 
After a while I just couldn't resist the pretty clothes and placed my order.
Creating an account just took me some minutes. I placed the order on november,25 and it arrived on december,10.
I'm not used to wait so long for my purchases so about one week ago I wrote an e-mail to the chichwish customer care if there was any problem. They replied on the same day, saying my order will be with me within a week. And it was!
They sent a "merry christmas" card with it. I got a white dress, a skirt and one shirt and I'm completly satisfied with it! 
I especailly love the white dress which is so cute and made me feel like summer even if it's freezing cold outside!

I will defintely order again!